Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ryan's Birthday

When Ryan was around 2 he asked about chewing gum and drinking soda. I told him that he needed to wait until he was just seemed so far away at the time. And yet all of a sudden, my little boy is 5!

So yesterday was the big day for gum and soda...and they were both a bust. I bought him 5 brand gum (which through the years has validated my rule every time he saw the package- haha!). I knew he wouldn't like mint gum so I got him berry flavored. I took out a stick for him and he said he didn't want to chew gum. I tried to persuade him to try it...we looked at it, smelled it, and I even tasted one (blech...not a fan of berry flavored gum!) He said he wanted to wait until he was six to try gum. We'll see if he changes his mind...

The soda was also a bust. He took a little sip and gave the funniest face (picture)...he said it was too "spicy".

(Poor must have felt like a let down after waiting his whole life ;) ).

I made a doggie cake for my little doggie lover.

I love this boy so much!! :)