Tuesday, November 6, 2007

No new pictures...but a couple of cute stories!

This morning Ryan and I were in the car waiting for Granny to meet us. Ryan hears a truck so he strains from his carseat to find it. He spots it on the road and sees that it is a Lays potato chip truck. What does he call it? "A chippy truck!!!" :)

We have given Ryan my old cell phone and he loves to walk around the house holding it to his ear. Most of the time if you ask him who he is talking to he says "Rachel", my friend from work. Last night he said he was talking to Daddy. So Brian took our phone and held it to his own ear and said, "I'm talking to Ryan." Ryan looks over to him and shouts excitedly, "Talking Ryan too!!!!"

This boy cracks me up!!! :)