Sunday, June 7, 2009

Rocket ship

How all astronauts get ready for bed in their rocket ;)

Aunt Jenny and Uncle Eric got Ryan the cutest cardboard rocket ship. The entire time we were assembling it he was asking, "When's it going to blast off?" So we finally got it together and he got in. Brian counted down and when he got to zero Ryan started to lift the rocket up then wanted to know why it wasn't working. Haha! We had to explain that it wasn't a real rocket! Today he told us that he was "flying to the moon and not coming back to Earth until tomorrow." We shall see ;)


He likes to pour water on himself and shake off like a doggie. ;)


Brian got tickets for Ryan and I to go to the circus. Ryan especially loved all the animals. I know the video is short but Ryan was cracking up at this man riding such a little bike.


From our recent trip to the zoo. Ryan loves to feed the ducks (and himself- haha!)