Wednesday, July 15, 2009


The other night when Brian was watering the trees in the back (yes, there is more than just rocks back there- haha!) the sun was just getting ready to set. He noticed that if he moved the water hose up over the house, the droplets of water combined with the setting sun created a rainbow. It was a really neat effect!

More Conversations with Ryan

Ryan loves to take all of his smaller balls (about 15 or so!) and put them on his bed. Then he drags his basketball hoop into his room. This happens in the morning and again after his nap with me bringing the balls and hoop back out to the living room before each sleep time. The other day I was piling all the balls in my arms and Ryan comes in and says, "Oh no, Mama! Don't even THINK about making more work for me!" I couldn't help but laugh.


The other night when I went to check on Ryan I noticed he had taken all of his animals and lined them up on his bed. When I asked him about it in the morning, he told me he put them all in their seats to watch a movie. : )


My anti-texture boy touching and playing in sand/dirt!!!


Just some random pictures and a video from recent swimming outtings...