Wednesday, June 11, 2008



(Yes, I know Ryan will hate me for this picture later on, but I just couldn't resist that adorable little butt!!! ;) )
(And, no, I don't usually let him wander the backyard naked...I just take his trunks off outside to dry him off and this day he wanted to pull his wagon while I gathered everything up!)

We got a big (for us at least!) pool for our backyard. Ryan has been LOVING it! We have been going every day after his nap. Here are some pics and video from the other day.

Sesame Street Live!!

We took Ryan to see Sesame Street Live...he was so excited (and we were too!! ;) )

Potty training

A couple of weeks ago we started Ryan on potty training. He did phenomenal for the first few real accidents to speak of, but no bowel movement either! Day three produced an upset stomach and then an accident during nap time. After that, Ryan seemed to freak...he stopped wanting to sit on the potty, even to pee. SO...we decided to go back to diapers for a few weeks. (Notice even when he is sitting on the potty he is still obsessed with flags!!- Haha!!!)