Monday, November 26, 2007

Celebrating Ryan's birthday

We decide to celebrate Ryan's birthday last Friday while Aunt Jenny and Uncle Eric were in town. He got a new "bike" (AKA tricycle ;) ) from Granny and Gramps that he just loves. Aunt Jenny and Uncle Eric got him a webcam so Ryan will always know who they are! And from Great Aunt Debbie he got a Preschoolers Bible (he sat and listened attentively until page 112 at the first reading!!!) and an alphabet game for the fridge (that he loves to listen to...of course, right now most letters are D's!! Haha!!)

Random Ryan goodness! ;)

Here are some recent pictures of Ryan that I find adorable. There is one from Thanksgiving, one with his "movie star" sunglasses on, and one reading with Gramps.

Recreating past pictures

So when Ryan was just a few months old, we had him dressed in a Chiefs romper and we set him on the couch with the remote, a can of Pringles, and a soda. We got some adorable pictures. We decided to re-create the picture now that he's older. It was much easier the first time around when he couldn't grab things or move too much- haha!! This time, all he was interested in was the "Chippies!!!!" :)