Wednesday, March 5, 2008

No new pictures right now...I will add some more in the next few days though.

Ryan walked into the kitchen tonight and was heading toward his magnetic letters on the fridge (thanks Great Aunt Debbie...he LOVES them!! :) ). Anyway, this is the conversation I hear him having with himself... "Wanna play with letters? Shall we? YES!!" Shall we? Where did he come up with that- haha!!!

Ryan knows all of his uppercase letters except A, which is so funny since he has an A in his name. He also knows all of the numbers except zero, which he always calls an O (as in the letter O)...not completely wrong!! ;) He is such a sponge for the letters and numbers...I honestly don't know how he has learned some of them...he just picks them up so quickly. It seems I just tell him one time and he remembers.