Friday, March 6, 2009


While in Florida, Ryan fell in love with my aunt and uncle's dog, Ruby. Ruby is the sweetest, gentlest dog...but she's older and certainly doesn't have much (if any) puppy energy left. Didn't matter to Ryan, he ran circles around her, playing "fetch", etc. The whole time Ruby just sat there (or laid there) watching him. It was too funny

Disney Videos

The first video is Ryan's first roller coaster ride. I know it's not a great video, but I was holding it on my shoulder and couldn't really tell what I was recording. As you can tell, Ryan was not running in line to go on that ride again! Notice too the screams of my dear, sweet Aunt (sorry Aunt Debbie!!) :) The second video is Ryan driving his car. I know it's short...I didnt' think to video it until the ride was almost over. Brian said he drive the same way the entire time...back and forth, back and forth- haha!!


A few weeks ago we went to Florida. We stayed with my Aunt and Uncle and had an opportunity to visit some of the amusement parks. I think these pictures prove Disney really is the happiest place on earth! ;)